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Handyman Services

Handyman Services – Kitchen

  • Install garbage disposals
  • Fix broken drawers/cabinets
  • Repair/replace broken tile
  • Install counter tops
  • Install dishwashers
  • Install stoves
  • Install fixtures
  • Install cabinets
  • Install range hoods
  • Install microwaves
  • Adjust cabinet doors
  • Clean/replace faucet aerators
  • Caulk sinks
  • Replace fixtures
  • Repair leaky faucets
  • Unclog stopped up drains

Handyman Services – Bathroom

  • Caulk showers, tubs, and sinks
  • Re-grout tiles
  • Repair/replace broken tile
  • Replace medicine cabinets
  • Install towel racks, rings, and toilet paper holders
  • Replace sinks
  • Replace vanities
  • Replace toilets and hardware
  • Repair leaking toilets and sinks
  • Repair leaky faucets
  • Replace fixtures
  • Install vanities and vanity tops
  • Replace exhaust fans and covers
  • Install/replace toilets and toilet tank hardware
  • Replace shower cartridges and valve seats
  • Replace damaged sub flooring and laminates
  • Unclog stopped up drains and toilet

Handyman Services – General

Handyman services and repairs
  • Repair holes or cracks in drywall, re-texture and paint to match
  • Painting touch-ups or entire rooms
  • Drywall Repair
  • Texture matching and painting
  • Replace damaged doorjambs and doors
  • Replace hard to access light bulbs
  • Install ceiling fans and chandeliers to existing receptacles
  • Replace light fixtures
  • Replace old or broken appliance plugs
  • Replace broken light switches and outlet plugs
  • Install water heater insulation blankets
  • Replace ceiling tiles
  • Replace or repair baseboards
  • Replace damaged tiles
  • Install attic ladders
  • Install crown molding
  • Hang pictures, clocks, and plants
  • Interior painting
  • Replace air filters
  • Hang draperies and install curtain rods
  • Install or replace blinds
  • Paint doors and windows
  • Replace doorjambs and doors
  • Replace doorknobs, deadbolt locks, window locks
  • Repair or replace sliding door handles, locks, and sliding door rollers
  • Adjust misaligned or stuck doors
  • Replace weatherstripping around doors

Handyman Services – Doors & Windows Services

Handyman maintenance
  • Adjust or replace door thresholds
  • Install door peephole 
  • Replace weather stripping and door sweeps
  • Install locks and deadbolts
  • Adjust stuck or hard to open/close doors
  • Install french doors
  • Replace door screens
  • Replace window screens
  • Replace broken window locks
  • Install pet doors
  • Replace doors and door casings
  • Install interior and exterior doors
  • Install weather stripping
  • Replace doorknobs
  • Repair doors that are hard to open or close
  • Adjust and lubricate sliding glass and screen doors
  • Replace damaged window panes
  • Install security locks on windows
  • Install storm doors

Handyman Services – Exterior Services

Handyman services
  • Build and repair fences and gates
  • Exterior painting
  • Install gutters
  • Clean gutters
  • Clean roofs of debris
  • Replace French doors, patio doors and exterior doors.
  • Replace damaged fascia and trim
  • Repair/patch concrete
  • Install and repair mailboxes
  • Repair damaged brickwork
  • Replace damaged soffit
  • Repair damaged roof
  • Replace damaged/missing roof shingles
  • Repair Pergolas, Decks
  • Repair exterior siding
  • Install lighting fixtures
  • Re-caulk  doors, windows and trim
  • Paint doors, windows and trim
  • Clean and repair rain gutters
  • Repair sun porches
  • Power wash home
  • Power wash sidewalks and driveways 

Clark County Handyman Services

Handyman services
  • Vancouver Handyman Services
  • Ridgefield Handyman Services
  • La Center Handyman Services
  • Battle Ground Handyman Services
  • Camas Handyman Services
  • Salmon Creek Handyman Services
  • Felida Handyman Services
  • Washougal Handyman Services
  • Yacolt Handyman Services
  • Amboy Handyman Services
  • Woodland Handyman Services
  • Kalama Handyman Services
  • Orchards Handyman Services
  • Brush Prairie Handyman Services
  • Lewisville Handyman Services
  • Hockinson Handyman Services
  • Hazel Dell Handyman Services
  • Fisher’s Landing Handyman Services
  • Portland Handyman Services
Thumbtack, Handyman & Remodeling Services
Thumbtack, Handyman & Remodeling Services
Thumbtack, Handyman & Remodeling Services
Angelina P.
Thumbtack, Handyman & Remodeling Services Thumbtack, Handyman & Remodeling Services Thumbtack, Handyman & Remodeling Services Thumbtack, Handyman & Remodeling Services Thumbtack, Handyman & Remodeling Services20 reviews 26d ago

Andy, has a very unique personable way about him, he is very easy to talk too and has professional mannerism, he does very quick clean jobs, Thank you Andy !

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