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Handyman Services for Clark County and Multnomah County

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Handyman Services – Kitchen

Install garbage disposals
Fix broken drawers/cabinets
Repair/replace broken tile
Install counter tops
Install dishwashers
Install stoves
Install fixtures
Install cabinets
Install range hoods
Install microwaves
Adjust cabinet doors
Clean/replace faucet aerators
Caulk sinks
Replace fixtures
Repair leaky faucets
Unclog stopped up drains

Handyman Services – Bathroom

Caulk showers, tubs, and sinks
Re-grout tiles
Repair/replace broken tile
Replace medicine cabinets
Install towel racks, rings, and toilet paper holders
Replace sinks
Replace vanities
Replace toilets and hardware
Repair leaking toilets and sinks
Repair leaky faucets
Replace fixtures
Install vanities and vanity tops
Replace exhaust fans and covers
Install/replace toilets and toilet tank hardware
Replace shower cartridges and valve seats
Replace damaged sub flooring and laminates
Unclog stopped up drains and toilet

Handyman Services – General

Repair holes or cracks in drywall, re-texture and paint to match
Painting touch-ups or entire rooms
Drywall Repair
Texture matching and painting
Replace damaged doorjambs and doors
Replace hard to access light bulbs
Install ceiling fans and chandeliers to existing receptacles
Replace old or broken appliance plugs
Replace broken light switches and outlet plugs
Install water heater insulation blankets
Replace ceiling tiles
Replace or repair baseboards
Replace damaged tiles
Install attic ladders
Install crown molding
Hang pictures, clocks, and plants
Interior painting
Replace air filters
Hang draperies and install curtain rods
Install or replace blinds
Paint doors and windows
Replace doorjambs and doors
Replace doorknobs, deadbolt locks, window locks
Repair or replace sliding door handles, locks, and sliding door rollers
Adjust misaligned or stuck doors
Replace weatherstripping around doors

Handyman Services – Doors & Windows Services

Adjust or replace door thresholds
Install door peephole
Replace weather stripping and door sweeps
Install locks and deadbolts
Adjust stuck or hard to open/close doors
Install french doors
Replace door screens
Replace window screens
Replace broken window locks
Install pet doors
Replace doors and door casings
Install interior and exterior doors
Install weather stripping
Replace doorknobs
Repair doors that are hard to open or close
Adjust and lubricate sliding glass and screen doors
Replace damaged window panes
Install security locks on windows
Install storm doors

Handyman Services – Exterior Services

Build and repair fences and gates
Exterior painting
Install gutters
Clean gutters
Clean roofs of debris
Replace French doors, patio doors and exterior doors.
Replace damaged fascia and trim
Repair/patch concrete
Install and repair mailboxes
Repair damaged brickwork
Replace damaged soffit
Repair damaged roof
Replace damaged/missing roof shingles
Repair Pergolas, Decks
Repair exterior siding
Install lighting fixtures
Re-caulk doors, windows and trim
Paint doors, windows and trim
Clean and repair rain gutters
Repair sun porches
Power wash home
Power wash sidewalks and driveways

Handyman Services – Paint and Drywall

Decorative Painting
Exterior Painting
Faux Painting
Fence and Outdoor Structure Painting
Framing to install a patch or replacement
Interior Painting
Patching holes in ceilings or walls
Repairing tape seams and nail pops
Installation of new drywall
Tape, mud and float seams
Installing Wallpaper
Removing wall paper
Priming and painting drywall
Re-texturing ceilings/ walls
Popcorn/ stipple repair
Painting projects


Handyman Services – Minor Electrical

Install garbage disposals
Install range hoods
Install microwaves
Ceiling fans installed or repaired
Light fixtures installed or repaired
Switches replaced
Outlets added
Installation of dimmer switches
Installation of smoke detectors and CO2 detectors
Light bulb replacement

Handyman Services – Bedrooms

Art hanging
Blinds Installation
Ceiling Fan Installation
Closet Organizer Installation
Curtain Installation
Drapery Installation
Drywall Repair
Furniture Assembly
Light Switch Replacement
Lockset Replacement
LVP Flooring Installation
Mirror Hanging
Outlet Installation
TV Mounting


Handyman Services – Plumbing

Dishwasher Installation & Replacement
Drain Repair
Emergency Repairs
Faucet Installation & Replacement
Leak Repair
Sink Installation & Replacement
Shower Installation & Replacement
Toilet Installation & Replacement
Water Heater Installation & Replacement
Washing Machine Installation & Replacement

Delivering Expert Handyman Services for 20+ Years

Whether you need a major renovation or just a few repairs done around the house, Vancouver Handyman and Remodeling will get it done quickly and affordably, with high-quality results and some of that local Vancouver flavor you can’t find anywhere else!

The main difference between Best Vancouver Handyman and other companies is that we work on your home, not a house. When we undertake a project for you, we are focused on the long-term value of your home – just as you are. We call that holistic home repair. As far as we’re concerned, there is no temporary alternative to lasting quality work.

A Thorough Approach

Our customers use our services again and again because of our process. We begin with a no-pressure consultation, during which we find out what you want done, what your budget is and your expected timelines. For repairs and maintenance, you may wish to have us do a number of tasks during one visit. For remodels and renovations, we offer superb design services and expert craftsmanship.

We’ll communicate regularly with you, so that you know the status of the project, materials availability and timeline. Have a question? We’re happy to answer it. Concerned about cost? We’ll adjust the project to make sure that it fits your budget.

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While there are some small repair tasks that the normal homeowner can safely tackle, fiddling around with the electrical wiring and fixtures can be a recipe for disaster. Working with electrical outlets or repairing fixtures is one area where a professional should be used. Renovate Guys Handyman Services provides a more economic alternative to hiring the average electrician. Our highly skilled craftsmen are fully licensed and insured, and we have twenty full years of experience in repairing and installing electrical fixtures and outlets in the Portland and Vancouver area.

At Renovate Guys Handyman Services in Clark County Washington, we handle every possible aspect of electrical outlets and fixtures repair. Perhaps you want to replace an old light with a new ceiling fan to add a new cooling element to a room, or you might want to install a dimmer switch for the family room to lower the lights when gathering to watch a movie or TV show. It might be time to replace those light switches and sockets that may have become loose or damaged over time. A couple of problem areas for our older clients is replacing light bulbs that are way out of reach (usually found on cathedral-style ceilings) or changing the batteries in smoke detectors. Our skilled technicians can affordably and capably handle any project, from replacing a cracked wall switch to a large electrical rewiring project. And don’t forget, we can help you switch your lights to LED, a much more cost-efficient way to light your home! Our expertise will also allow us to note any problems that may be uncovered during a project so that we can alert our clients.

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