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As always, our goal is to preserve the original beauty of the home while giving our clients, the homeowner, the functionality they require in today’s world. Whether your home features gorgeous stained glass or a particular historical style, we take great pride in maintaining these classic features during our home renovation processes. 

Our designers will layout a bathroom designed to suit your needs and style. Whether you want to redesign your entire master bathroom, or perhaps add a half bath or powder room to your existing home, we take extraordinary pride in a meticulous blend of restoration and renovation, designed with stunning results.

We invite you to take a look at our bathroom renovations portfolio and explore the elegant, historically rich bathroom remodels that we have had the pleasure of restoring over the last 20 years.

Luxury Features to Consider 

From building basement gyms to working from home, a trend toward simplified and centralized in-home amenities has been one of the hallmarks of the twenty-first century. As experts at marrying the charm of old homes with the convenience of modern technologies, we see the incorporation of luxury bathroom features into residential homes as an exciting continuation of that movement. Below are a few of our favorite features to consider for your new bathroom renovation: 

Heated Floors-  Heated floors have been in vogue for a while, but that doesn’t mean they’ve become a standard feature in every bathroom. Everyone has experienced the unpleasant sensation of stepping onto cold tile after a warm shower, especially during winter, and nothing is less conducive to a spa-inspired atmosphere. Just like heated car seats, a heated bathroom floor is a luxury you won’t want to forgo once you’ve experienced it.

Heated Towel Rack- We’ve all heard of warming drawers in the kitchen, so why not in the bathroom? Wrapping yourself into a towel that’s been stored in a warming drawer continues the soothing experience of your shower rather than abruptly ending it.

Smart Technology- These days, it seems like there’s an app for everything, and we can all thank the geniuses who have carried that concept over into bathroom technology. Now, you can tap your phone to set the temperature of the water in your shower, start heating your steam shower, and control various lighting settings in your mirrors. On a related note, you can even incorporate a mini TV screen into your vanity mirror so that you can catch your favorite show wherever you are in your  home.

Water-Proof Speakers-  Ready to take singing in the shower to the next level? For those of us who use music to relax, it’s time to install a water-proof speaker in your shower. Now you can tell Alexa to play certain songs in your shower itself instead of straining to hear beyond the sound of the water. This shower below has a built in speaker in the shower head- how cool is that?

Cost of Bathroom Renovation

The cost for an upscale bathroom renovation includes expanding an existing 35 sq. foot bathroom to 100 sq. ft within the existing house footprint, relocating all fixtures, adding a 42 x 42 inch neo-angle shower with ceramic tile walls with an accent strip, recessed shower caddy, body-spray fixtures, and frameless glass enclosure, installing a freestanding soaker tub with high-end faucets, a bathtub, a stone countertop with two sinks, two mirrored medicine cabinets with lighting, a compartmentalized commode area with one-piece toilet, and a humidistat-controlled exhaust fan. 

Other features included in the costs of an upscale renovation include: 

  • Large matching ceramic tiles on the floor (laid on diagonal with ceramic tile base molding)
  • General and spot lighting including waterproof shower fixture
  • Cabinetry with custom drawer base and wall cabinets
  • Electric in-floor heating

Cost of Bathroom Addition

The cost of an upscale bathroom addition includes a new 100 sq. foot master bath added into the existing master bedroom over the crawlspace. It includes:

  • A 42 x 42 inch neo-angle shower with ceramic tile walls, accent strip, recessed shower caddy, body-spray fixtures, and frameless glass enclosure
  • Freestanding soaker tub with high-end faucets
  • Stone countertop with two sinks, two mirrored medicine cabinets with lighting
  • Compartmentalized commode area with one-piece toilet and a humidistat-controlled exhaust fan
  • Large matching ceramic tile floor with electric in-floor heating
  • General and spot lighting and waterproof shower fixture
  • Cabinetry with custom drawer base and wall cabinets

Types of Bathroom Remodels

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used parts of any home, which is why it’s important to know what type of bathroom remodel you need before jumping into a remodeling project. 

Halls Baths 

As the name suggests, hall bathrooms adjoin a hallway in the home, and they may or may not have entry from a bedroom. Often, they are the most used bathroom in the house because they can service multiple areas of the house in a way that the master bathroom’s privacy might not allow. Therefore, you can expect people in the home to be able to enjoy the renovations on a frequent basis. Deciding how much space you will use for your hall bathroom remodel is the first step. Maybe the space you currently have needs to be expanded, or maybe changing counter space and the bathing area will increase the floor space without moving any walls.

Hall bathrooms are a great way to improve the functionality of your home without taking up too much space. These types of bathroom remodels typically focus on features like new tile, toilet, bathtub, and vanity. Depending on the size and customizations, hall bathroom remodels can range from $3,000 to $10,000. In most cases, a complete bathroom remodel will require a complete tear out, meaning everything will be removed. The walls usually are not torn down unless you would like to change the location of sinks, bathtubs, or toilets, but most of our clients do not request this change. Even so, complete tear downs are not always necessary. Working with a professional interior designer will help you discover exactly what you want for your bathroom remodel in Portland Vancouver and how to use that space optimally. Partial and cosmetic remodels might include the removal and replacement of some areas of your bathroom, but they do not have to if you do not want it.

Hall baths are the perfect way to give your family and guests their own space. If your bathroom has historic features throughout, it’s best to hire a professional that’s worked with preserving historic homes like we have. If you have a historic home with charm that you’re looking to preserve, it’s important to work with the right contractor. Many general contractors will uproot all of the historic charm of your bathroom remodel if you aren’t careful. 

Powder Rooms & Kid’s Bathroom

The term powder room has been around since the eighteenth century. It was considered a closet-sized room where people applied extra powder to their wigs. The Victorian times kept the term “powder room” to discreetly excuse oneself.

These vestiges of the Victorian era abound in charm, but with old age, charm can fade. Though small in size, powder bathrooms leave a large impression on the way your guests view your home because they are usually centrally located on the first floor. When you entertain guests, they are most likely to use the powder room. Containing just a toilet and a sink, they are relatively quick and inexpensive to remodel, but when updated, guests will surely notice and comment on your newly renovated powder room. Don’t forget that size matters, meaning that it is often cost effective to put high-end finishes in smaller bathrooms. The team at Renovate Guys can make the charm of this quaint little room palpable again.

Kid’s bathrooms are best separated from powder rooms due the inevitable toys, and sometimes messes, that they leave behind after playing in the bathtub. They can incorporate a more playful feel with color tones and features more suited to their personalities. Thinking of style and functionality for kid’s bathrooms is important. Drawers and vanities should never be out of reach for your kids, and it can be helpful to have higher walls on the bathtub to prevent splashes from reaching your floor to cause water damage. One big difference between a powder room and a kid’s bathroom is that kid’s bathrooms have a bathtub. For the bathtub, we usually recommend a one-piece laminate surround or tile with epoxy grout. Flooring typically consists of vinyl or a laminate for minimal wear and tear, or for a higher-end finish that will last when your children become older, we can install an attractive tile with epoxy grout. When planning your kid’s bathroom remodel, expect to pay on the lower end, around $100 to $150 per square foot.

Master Bathrooms

Master bathrooms are often the most remodeled bathroom of choice, and that is for good reason. When you wake up in the morning, your master bathroom is probably the first place you go. Greeting each day in a new, clean space of your choice can help rolling out of bed easier, even if it is Monday. For these reasons, remodeled master bathrooms also make your home far more attractive to potential buyers in the future. The master bathroom usually gets the most attention because that is the bathroom that the homebuyers themselves will use. Turning a master bathroom into a luxurious retreat can change the overall perspective of how you use your space, as well as offer a nice point of differentiation from other homes if you look to sell.

When considering a master bathroom remodel, first think about its uses. Many master bathrooms add elegance to efficiency, with features like a claw-foot or whirlpool tub used as a centerpiece of the bathroom. You might enjoy a large bath to soak away your troubles, or maybe you want to put more emphasis on the shower depending on what suits your desires with multiple shower heads. Free-standing soaker tubs, high-end faucets, custom cabinetry, and ceramic tiled flooring are all fully customizable features that can enhance the overall look and feel of a master bathroom. 

Master bathrooms typically follow the lead of the master bedroom’s design and allow an ample amount of space. It is important to incorporate similar design elements in every room bathroom in the home. Double vanities and large marble countertops are common for master bathroom remodels. Large countertops featuring a double sink is a popular approach that allows both people to use the sinks at the same time, while providing more space to place grooming accessories and products.

Master Bathroom Addition

The addition of a master bathroom into a home can be costly and time consuming. However, if you want certain features like a jacuzzi and walk-in shower, you might need to add to the existing floorplan. Even so, it is sure to be worth it in the long run due to increased space to take care of personal needs, higher attractiveness to future buyers, and being less cramped in the mornings and evenings. In terms of financial value and cost, it is difficult to generalize too broadly because of the many possible different customizations and configurations, but you can be sure that potential buyers will prioritize a home with a spacious and updated master bathroom. One study found that adding a bathroom increased the home’s sale price by nearly 10%, which is more than twice the increase you would see if you added a bedroom.

Like any bathroom addition project, the exact costs will depend on several factors that include type of materials you’d like, amenities, timeline, and your current home’s structure. Most customers opt for tile throughout the bathroom, but if you would like to see more marble, that can affect the cost. Typically, the most cost-sensitive features are the choice of fixtures, materials, and major changes in the layout of the bathroom. You can balance your choice of materials and fixtures to get the right combination you want all while staying within your budget. When done correctly, your master bathroom will exemplify a luxurious and elegant retreat for you to enjoy. We can help craft your vision for your master bathroom, so you will know what you are getting before diving into the project. We will work with the city to make sure all licenses and permits are in place when adding to the home’s floor plan, something we have done countless times. We will work with you, step by step to create lists,  mood boards, and detailed renderings showing the finished product.

Whether you’d like to bring the feel of the spa to your home and bedside, or just need to simply update a decades old bathroom, we at Renovate Guys are confident not only in the quality of our workmanship, but also in our concern and care for our client’s wishes. Renovating any portion of the home is an important decision, and we recognize that it is important to approach the decision with someone who knows not only what questions to ask but how to ask the question too.

If you can lean out of your shower to retrieve something from your vanity, now might be a good time to start thinking about a bathroom remodel. Still bumping elbows every morning at the sink? Let’s talk about updating your bathroom. Renovate Guys, one of the top bathroom remodeling experts in Portland Vancouver, can help you design a bathroom planned for your life and for a lifetime of shared vanity space. We are the bathroom design experts to help with your bathroom remodel. We will combine our talented renovation specialists, our exceptional craftsmanship and our premier customer service to bring you a perfectly designed retreat.

At Renovate Guys, we take great pride in delivering streamlined interior services to our customers. We’ve developed a multi-step design process to give every project the attention to detail it deserves. During your bathroom remodel, you will work with multiple team members—in-house designers, trade partners, and certified craftsmen, to name a few—who will guide you through the design and installation process. These professionals will make sure you receive everything you want from your bathroom remodel and that your needs are taken care of along the way.

Here are some of the unique design elements we can add to your bathroom renovation:

Steam Showers With Benches

Steam showers add uncompromising luxury to any bathroom. We build our steam showers in all shapes and sizes and we’ll be glad to add a long bench to allow you to lounge as long as you want.

Antique Vanities

An antique vanity can elevate the look of your bathroom design, adding an elegant feature that’s sure to make the room pop.

Dual Showerheads

Double the water for double the angles—that’s what a dual showerhead can deliver. Choose from many different styles, from shower heads installed on opposite walls to one shower head installed on the ceiling and the other on a nearby wall.

Pocket Doors

A pocket door slides right into the wall, saving space and bringing your bathroom into the modern age.

Frameless Shower Glass

Allow the beauty of your modern walk-in shower to shine through by adding frameless shower glass doors in either a hinged or gliding style.

Does Your Bathroom Feel Tired?

Or are you tired of that tile? We understand. With Renovate Guys exclusive in-home shopping experience, our bathroom design experts bring the showroom right to you, providing a variety of bath remodel ideas for you to consider. No more picking out toilets at the super store for your bathroom makeover. Make your selections from the comfort of your own home; knowing that upgrades and a more functional space are right around the corner. Our extensive knowledge of innovative bathroom design concepts will help you imagine all the ways you can customize your bathroom. Our bathroom remodeling experts are here to help you!

Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Whether you want a uniquely designed medicine cabinet or simply extra storage space to organize towels, bathroom products, and other items, we can install beautiful custom cabinetry in your bathroom. Perhaps converting to a double vanity. Custom designed cabinets can completely change your bathroom from drab & dull to spectacular & gorgeous. Isn’t that what you want to wake up to every morning?

Bathroom Flooring

We are bathroom design experts and can help select beautiful, durable materials for your bathroom floors that can accommodate damp towels and wet feet. We can’t however, guarantee you won’t stub your toe.

Bathroom Countertops & Vanities

From granite to glass, quartz to marble, there are countless options available just perfect for presenting your bathroom essentials and fancy guest towels. We are bathroom remodeling experts and can help create the perfect bathroom for you!

Tubs, Showers & Steam Rooms

When you imagine the perfect bathroom retreat, be honest; do images of spa showers, soaking tubs, steam rooms or heated towel rails always appear? We can make those dreams a reality.

Our clients know they can trust Renovate Guys for their bathroom remodeling project. Whether it’s a small bathroom that you’re working with or the master bath. If you’ve been wondering where to start when it comes to creating the bath of your dreams, you can count on us to deliver not only a beautiful bathroom renovation through our exceptional workmanship and premier customer service, but also that perfect instant when you feel that you have truly fallen in love with the new room in your home.

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