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Modern deck and porch building is complex and utilizes high performance materials. It is no longer something just anyone with a pickup truck can be trusted to do. Renovate Guys has the expertise and passion to ensure your project adds value to your home and provides years of fond memories—not maintenance. Whether building a new deck, replacing an existing deck or repairing the current damaged decking board or deck framing, contact us.

Our team of skilled craftsmen will work with you to provide a beautiful product that will last for years, as well as outstanding customer service. We at Renovate Guys go above and beyond to make our customers happy from start to finish. We believe “Experience Matters to us”…because your experience with walking on and enjoying your custom deck matters to us, and our experience matters to you! Let Renovate Guys help you with all your residential and commercial deck and outdoor living needs.

Renovate Guys is dedicated to providing the best service possible to our clients. From start to finish, we have an industry expert coordinating the permit and inspection process, making sure you are taken care of when it comes to current building codes in whichever city you reside!

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When individuals or businesses hire us for residential/commercial decking, they can rest assured that we are fully licensed and insured. Our team is well-educated on all rules and regulations in the industry; ensuring that they are implemented throughout our company. If you are looking for experience, look no further than Renovate Guys.

Trex & Composite Decks

Designing and building Trex and composite decks is what we enjoy installing. Over the years, we’ve worked with many clients just like you that realized the shortcomings of their existing deck and wanted to create a unique outdoor living space that looked beautiful and required very little maintenance. While there are a myriad of synthetic deck boards available, we are selective as to what products we incorporate in our projects. Ultimately, we are only as good as what we put into our projects and we hope that you will trust our expertise in finding the right products for your project.

Composite is the perfect solution! 

Composite does not splinter, warp, or ware the way wood does. It is resilient to the abuse of pets, kids, and harsh weather conditions. Composite doesn’t require staining, painting, or sealing the way wood does. In fact, the only maintenance you might perform is giving it a quick rinse with a hose when it gets dirty.

Besides being low maintenance, composite decking also lends itself to truly unique and creative design. The bendable material can be used to create curved steps or benches, rounded deck corners, and wavy design elements. The massive color selection can be used to incorporate contrasting boarders, eye catching patterns, and other artistic features into your deck design.

Pressure Treated Pine

Pressure treated pine comes in dozens of Brands, grades, processes, and sizes but to make it easy, pressure treated pine is typically rated as Standard or Premium Grade in either 5/4×6 or 2×6. 2×6 is also available as a “Prime” grade. Standard 5/4 is what most people have now on their deck. 2×6 PT will reduce cracks and cupping. All pressure treated pine should be screwed down. KDAT is a process ( kiln dried after treatment ) KDAT is simply pressure treated pine that has been treated and then dried so that it is ready to stain without having to wait. KDAT can be bought in any grade of decking from #2 Standard to the top of line C grade such as Yellawood Super Select that is not available in a “wet board”. KDAT is already dried and ready to stain but it is still just pressure treated pine and will still warp and/or crack as it expands and contracts outside. We typically prefer to install KDAT in screen porches where we can protect it from weather until after it is stained or in vertical applications like screen walls and railings.

Brazilian Hardwood

There are several types of Hardwood decking from all around the world but in this market the most popular are from Brazil. Whether you are interested in Ipe (E-pay), Tigerwood, Cumaru, or Garapa the most important thing to understand is that hardwood decking requires no chemical preservatives to keep the wood from decay. Harwood decks do have to be protected from UV light. Hardwood oils are designed to seal the wood and enhance the grain and require yearly maintenance or they will turn grey. They are often better used under cover.

Composite and PVC

By far the most popular decking choice today is a composite decking. Composite decking is 50% pvc and 50% wood fiber. Not all composites are the same. In order to get a composite that is stain and fade resistance you have to have a “capped composite” that has a hard polymer shell like Trex or Timbertech. Composites are typically installed with hidden fasteners for a better look. Azek is a pure PVC decking without the use of fibers and carries the longest warranty of all decking. All composite decks should be installed by a manufacturer Authorized Installer to preserve the warranties as improper installations will void warranties.

Deck Railing

Wood exterior railings are becoming extinct and it’s for a good reason. While they are inexpensive to build, they don’t perform well, require difficult maintenance and block the view. We install a variety of premium low maintenance railing systems that solve all the problems created by wood railings and also provide the modern look of a professionally built deck that upscale homes deserve. We offer composite, aluminum, and cable railing systems in many different styles and colors.

Decking Steps and Stairs

The most intricate and challenging part of a deck construction is the design of the stairs or steps. Grading is essential to successful completion of an elevated deck build, if improperly designed or executed the stairs could lead to structural failure and potential safety risks for you and your family.

Our professionals will not only design every aspect of your build with safety and durability in mind but with all proper permitting and inspections scheduled to ensure the safety and quality of your dream build.

We will not only build you the safest stairs to complement your new deck or patio. We will build you stairs that are beautiful in their own right. We specialize in integrated lighting that will not only make your stairs more visually appealing but also make traversing floors safer for you and your family.


Screened and enclosed porches are a great way to add functional living space to your home and are popular upgrades for Portland, Vancouver area homes. Our screened porches are designed to fit in with the architectural style of your home. They include premium trim details and a fit and finish commensurate with the rest of your home. Our screened porches bring the outside in with large, bright screen openings and a low maintenance finishes inside and out.

Pergolas & Shade

We offer a variety of different ways to add shade to your outdoor area from patio roofs, to pergolas, to arbors. Traditionally, pergolas and arbors were built from wood but they are notoriously difficult and expensive to maintain over time. Thus, we specialize in premium vinyl and fiberglass pergolas and arbors that look spectacular and require very little maintenance aside from cleaning.

Screen Rooms:

If it’s a screen room (or screen porch) you’re looking for we have several options for screening in a patio or deck. We offer several types of screens from easy view, pet screen, or solar screens to help block the sun in your screen room. We can either screen your deck floor or install a tongue and groove floor to feel more like being inside. We even offer an easy breeze system to make your screen room comfortable all year round.

There’s nothing like a beautiful deck to add a pleasing element to your space. Whether you are looking for something natural or composite, pressure-treated or hardwood, our expert deck builder team can help design and build your dream deck. With a history of building decks on different types of terrains with different types of material, we are confident that you will be happy with the product you receive. Schedule a free consultation today to find out how we can improve your living space with one of our expert wood deck builders.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen, Backyard Cooking, Services in Clark County, Multnomah County

Outdoor kitchens are becoming much more fully functional. Before, it was a grill, fridge and sink. Now people want the outdoor kitchen to do everything they can do indoors; that’s why big appliance makers like Viking are getting into it, even with cabinetry. Whether you’re looking to build your own outdoor kitchen or hire a team to help, building an outdoor kitchen can require nearly the same amount of time and resources as creating an indoor kitchen.

Of course, the benefits of creating an outdoor kitchen oasis are tangible. A party-ready patio equipped with a kitchen, dining area and comfortable seating can be as perfect for large gatherings as it is for an intimate dinner for two.

For homeowners wondering exactly how to build an outdoor kitchen, it’s important to start with the basics: the location (especially for electric, plumbing and gas considerations) and the grill (the centerpiece of every outdoor kitchen!).

Next, determine which features will provide the most bang for your buck. High-quality appliances are a must, as is a form of shelter (shade, pergola or awning) to protect your investment.

Don’t overlook lighting for safety purposes, and remember that function plays a more important role than aesthetics in the outdoor kitchen.


Outdoor kitchen cabinetry comes in a variety of materials like stainless steel, reclaimed lumber, stamped tin, teak, bamboo, cypress and even waterproof polymer materials produced for extra protection against the heat, humidity and cold. When choosing cabinets for your outdoor kitchen, think about the basics like space, budget, and the best material for your climate first and move on to style second.

The most popular material used in outdoor kitchen cabinetry and accessories is stainless steel. The popularity of stainless steel isn’t just due to its classic, professional kitchen look. It boasts a long life span and is easy to keep clean, as well. Many brands offer weather-tight rain drawer gutters, sink bases and back panels for grills or cooktops. The popularity of stainless steel makes finding cabinets and accessories easy and budget-friendly.

Regardless of what material you choose, outdoor kitchen cabinets don’t have to be fixed to a certain area. Consider an outdoor kitchen island on caster wheels with plenty of cabinet storage. This will give you flexibility for more cabinet and counter space when you need it and more open floor space while you’re entertaining.


Lack of storage space is a common complaint with indoor kitchens so while you’re designing your outdoor kitchen, be sure to maximize the cabinet space and consider what you will store in your outdoor kitchen cabinets. Deep cabinets are great for larger appliances, but can be a pain if you decide to store smaller accessories in them. Consider a mix of deep and shallow cabinets to avoid unused space where things could get lost.

Cabinet space above and below can be helpful. If a wall will be included in your outdoor kitchen design, think about adding cabinets above and below for more storage and visual appeal. For a smaller island, use all four sides for cabinetry or choose deeper cabinets open only to one side. Either way, you will have optimal storage in your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Fireplaces & Firepits

Adding a wood burning or gas fireplace or fire pit to a porch or a deck is a brilliant way to extend the usability of your entertaining area into the cooler months. We’ve included outdoor fireplaces in hundreds of projects so we understand the best way to implement them to suit your lifestyle and create an epicenter of family memories.

Watertight Decks

Waterproofing your deck is smart way to double your entertaining space. Aluminum underdeck systems are cost effective retro-fit options on existing wood decks however they lack the grace and style of a high-end internally waterproofed deck surface. Our proprietary internal waterproofing system is built into your deck construction and allows us to incorporate premium finishes underneath that are not possible any other way.

Deck Staining

After cleaning, brightening of deck surfaces, and thorough drying (after several days) we can move forward with the deck stain, seal process.

We strongly recommend a quality oil based stain and sealer such as TWP, or Cabot, but if you have a deck stain that you’d prefer, and is of high quality (like Armstrong-Clark, Defy, Rymar, Penofin) we will gladly finish your deck with any quality deck stain and seal product.

When applying a stain & seal it is vital to ensure even application. Uneven application leads not only to blotchy appearance, but also uneven waterproofing, and short deck seal life-span. This step is crucial in protecting a deck, especially flat walking areas. Once stain and seal has been evenly applied to all deck surfaces, we inspect the entire deck to make sure there are no puddles, excessive stain, we wipe everything down working with stain pads, stain brushes, and rags ensuring the stain is applied as evenly as possible. Once we’ve wiped the entire deck down with stain pads the job is complete.

Give your deck or patio some extra character and provide a focal point for decoration and design by adding a new pergola. Pergolas are great for vines, other climbing plants and hanging baskets. If you don’t have a green thumb, dress the pergola with lights, ribbon or streamers for special occasions.

Depending on the size of your property, a pergola could tie the space together, or make it feel distorted and out of proportion. Pergolas should always be constructed with aesthetic appeal in mind.

If your yard is smaller, scale the pergola to a size that doesn’t become the main focus of the space. For a larger yard with multiple amenities, such as a deck and pool space, a larger pergola can be used to highlight the different backyard features.

Pergolas have certainly stood the test of time. For centuries these structures provided shade and beauty for the elites of Roman and Egyptian culture seeking shelter from the ancient sun. Hundreds of years later, these timeless structures have spread to all corners of the globe as gorgeous garden fixtures that amplify the beauty of any home. It’s no mystery why this outdoor structure is still so popular.

Pergolas are wonderful, versatile structures that create visual interest, define an outdoor room, and add charm. Listed below are 7 pergola design tips that will help you get started.

Design Ideas

  • Unlike covered patios with solid roofs, pergolas allow filtered sunlight into an outdoor space. You can determine how much sun or shade the pergola provides by varying the size, spacing and orientation of the rafters. Add a retractable canopy and you have even more versatility
  • Outdoor curtains can easily be draped between posts to add romantic appeal and provide even more protection from the elements. Another perk over an open patio
  • Unlike a Victorian gazebo, which sometimes sits in a yard unused and rotting, pergolas are an open, inviting outdoor room
  • Pergolas are generally larger than arbors and maximize your outdoor space
  • A more permanent architectural structure than trellises, pergolas feature solid beam construction and a stable horizontal roof structure
  • Attached to a home, pergolas provide a graceful transition from indoor to outdoor space. However, pergolas can also be used as a freestanding structure that isn’t attached to the house – an advantage over a patio that can’t be moved. A pergola can be strategically placed to block out unsightly views or flaws in your yard, frame a focal point, or create a sitting area
  • Did I mention this structure’s flexibility? Pergolas can be simple or rustic, consisting of simple columns and crossbeams. On the other hand, depending on budget, materials, and your imagination, pergolas quickly become sophisticated and luxurious with ornate molding and trim, expensive wood and natural stone flooring

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The Renovate Guys works hard to ensure your deck is designed and built to provide you and your family years of enjoyment. One of the ways we do this is to partner with the very best names in the industry. Of course, we can provide redwood and cedar, but we also offer some of the best composite products on the market – all of whom come with a warranty, to help protect your investment. We’re proud to offer composite deck products from Trex, Deckorators, Fiberon, and others. Get in touch with us for a no-obligation estimate and to check out samples of the composite deck products we provide.

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