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Our Vancouver deck refinishing company offers you a full line of services to restore the beauty of your deck. We specialize in refurbishing old decks to bring them back to their glory days. Whether it’s just a good cleaning or a full restoration, we have the skill to provide you with the type of quality service you are looking for.

Our deck refinishing, cleaning, and sealing services are available for your home or business located in the greater Vancouver, WA area. Give us a call to inquire about our deck refinishing services and schedule an estimate today.


Our professionals know how to refinish wooden decks of all types including exotic hardwood decks, cedar decks, teak decks, redwood decks, and standard pressure-treated lumber decks. The deck refinishing process takes considerable skill and a lot of hard work. With our experience and premium deck stains and sealants, your weathered deck is going to look beautiful and new again.


Don’t replace your wooden deck, call us to schedule deck cleaning service first. Vancouver decks can get so dark and weathered looking that it’s easy to think there’s no hope left. You would be amazed at how beautiful your wooden deck can look again if you let our professionals get to work on it. We pressure clean all types of decks and can restore the beauty of the wood no matter what it takes.


Sealing the deck is something to do regularly to protect the wood. Depending on what type of sealant was used the last time, the process may need to be done again after just one year. Has it been awhile since your deck has had this maintenance? With deck sealing service from our professionals, you’ll enjoy a long-lasting quality finish that won’t have to be redone again for several years.

The mildly harsh Northwest weather can be quite unforgiving to your deck, and other exterior exposed woodwork. The pounding rains, glaring sunshine, gnawing invasive insects, and fluctuating temperatures can cause your wooden deck to deteriorate real quick.

The paint or stain on your deck is meant to protect your wooden deck from harsh weather elements and seal the surface against moisture infiltration. When the stain or paint starts to fail, it exposes the wood to moisture and a possibility of mold and mildew attack.

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s time to refinish your deck in San Diego, here are some signs to look out for;

1. Paint Peeling
If your deck was previously painted, peeling paint is an indication of failure in paint adhesion. Peeling is often an advanced sign that deck repainting is overdue. If peeling paint is not addressed immediately, the failing paint film can allow water to get in contact with the wood and result in water stains as well as wood rot.

A painting contractor would typically strip off the loose failing paint, sand the surface to a smooth finish before applying a new coat of paint. A high-quality exterior paint designed for wood surfaces is used to avoid premature paint failure in the future.

2. Mildew and Mold
Mold and mildew are common fungi that flourish on damp surfaces that often have limited exposure to sunshine. Mildew growth on decks is common where the deck is exposed to excessive moisture, such as from a leaky gutter or constant rainfall. Shaded areas of the deck are also more likely to experience mildew attack.

Other than growing directly on the deck surface, mildew, mold and wood rot can also develop underneath the wooden planks. This hidden area has a likelihood of high moisture levels and nearly no sunshine. A professional deck refinishing expert will treat the mildew/mildew with an appropriate chemical and then pressure wash the deck to clear any resulting residue.

3. Fading Paint/Stain
Both paint and stain eventually fade out after prolonged exposure to UV rays and precipitation. UV rays break down the color pigments in the finish, living behind a lighter shade than the original color. Fading is more noticeable and less flattering on painted decks and can make your deck appear dull and neglected.

Deck stain tends to fade more uniformly and ages gracefully. But while the looks might be still relatively intact, fading stain losses its surface protection power. You don’t have to refinish your deck at the first sign of fading. However, significantly faded paint or stain deserves a new finish to restore the surface protection ability and aesthetic appeal.

4. Deck Splintering
Deck splinters are often a sign of a neglected deck. If you fail to update your deck for several years, water sips into the boards and causes them to splinter and crack. Walking on a splintered deck can be hazardous. And you’re almost guaranteed of injury if you have little kids playing around on the deck.

Thankfully, you don’t have to replace the splintered boards. Hiring a professional deck refinishing expert can help. The Pro will typically hold down large splinters back into position using glue and sand off the rest of the splintering and feathering surface to a smooth finish. Next, they will either apply a new coat of paint or stain, depending on your preference.

The Bottom Line
Refinishing and repairing your wooden deck is an essential maintenance practice that will extend the useful year of the deck and keep it looking great. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to refinish your deck, watch out for the above signs and consider a regular deck inspection.

Fence and Deck Washing in Vancouver Clark County

For many Vancouver homeowners in Clark County, warm weather is an invitation to take the party out to the backyard patio or deck. Before you haul out the grill and light the tiki torches, however, take some time to do a little preventive maintenance.

This is the time to do a few simple things that will make your deck last for years, Deck Cleaning experts. Plus, you’ll have your outdoor environment looking great before you and your friends head outside for those backyard get-togethers.

The first step is a thorough inspection of the entire structure to ensure that it is secure and safe. Check for loose nails and screws, and either replace them or retighten them. Tighten any railings that have become loose. Then, look beneath the deck to confirm that beams and support poles remain in good working order. If you find structural components that are loose, rotten or out of position, for your own safety, quit using the deck and call a pro in to fix the problem.

As an additional safety precaution, replace rotten or broken deck boards before they break through completely. Boards that have become bowed or warped will also need to be replaced because they hold water and make the deck surface uneven, and create another potential safety hazard. If you’re replacing those boards with pressure-treated lumber, maximize the life of your deck by using stainless steel or high-grade galvanized fasteners designed to combat the corrosive effects of modern lumber treatment chemicals.

Clean the deck boards with a biodegradable deck cleaner to remove algae, mildew and dirt once everything is secure. These environmentally friendly solvents are now commonly available and actually perform better than previously popular outdoor wood cleaners such as bleach. Even if your deck is made from a composite material, most manufacturers still recommend a thorough annual cleaning. During the cleaning process, also take a little time to sand down any spots that have become splintered or rough.

Ensure your deck looks great by protecting it from mildew and water damage with a high-quality finish and preservative. There are many good products on the market. The best preservative products contain UV-resistant compounds which will really liven up the deck surface and add a high-degree of protection from the elements, say Vancouver pressure washing and deck cleaning experts.

Boards that have become bowed or warped will also need to be replaced because they hold water and make the deck surface uneven, and create another potential safety hazard. If you’re replacing those boards with pressure-treated lumber, maximize the life of your deck by using stainless steel or high-grade galvanized fasteners designed to combat the corrosive effects of modern lumber treatment chemicals. Perhaps a new deck may need to be build more viable option. We can build a new deck.

Once everything is secure, clean the deck boards with a biodegradable deck cleaner to remove dirt, mildew and algae.

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